The Top 100 UK Domains that were sold in 2016

2016 saw companies break the bank to secure some of the most prized domain names imaginable

Everyone loves a good domain name. Businesses want the best possible way to promote their company online and it all starts with having something easy to type into the browser window.

Many people like to trade UK Domains in the same way that stocks and shares are bought and sold on a daily basis. Buying a UK Domain name and selling it for profit happens on a regular basis and that was certainly the case with some of the top 100 UK Domains that went for a song in 2016.

On 3 August 2016, was sold on the Sedo trading website for the princely sum of $650,000 and you can understand why this domain was traded for such a vast amount of money.

The owner of appears to be a company called Bedroom Furniture Direct, with high-end products now being sold more than ever thanks to the acquisition of this highly marketable domain name. was the second biggest deal in the UK, with the domain name changing hands on 1 June 2016 and that also reroutes to Bedroom Furniture Direct despite the lack of correlation between domain name and the actual products in question.

Property is clearly big business and 2016 was a year that saw change hands. Now this domain name is a slightly tricky one to assess as Apartments is not the easiest word to type into a browser although this was a private sale which saw the successful bidder land the domain for $75,000. At the moment, it’s not clear how will be used as it’s registered and protected by MarkMonitor.

No prizes for guessing what you might find by visiting and this domain name was traded in 2016 for the sum of $30,000. This was bought through Flippa and now use it for trading on their website, with the website a subsidiary of which is an Australian-based bitcoin exchange operating from the heart of Melbourne.

Down in position number 35 is an interesting one, with being sold for £20,000 and it’s clear that this “sport” is clearly taking off at the moment, with video game play becoming highly professionalised.

There are tournaments taking place all over the world which see teams of gamers compete for staggering amounts of money and bookmakers now offer odds to gamers hoping to get a slice of the pie. is another interesting domain name, with this website offering a price comparison service and the company in question made the sturdy investment of £16,500 to get hold of this particular domain.

In 2017, we’re expecting to see bigger deals take place as the internet continues to grow and sough-after domain names become available. It’s vital for companies to acquire a punchy, catchy and effective domain name that can be developed into website.

Why UK Domain Names are so valuable to a UK Business

The importance of a strong UK Domain Name cannot be underestimated when it comes to running a successful UK Business

Aside from sleeping, the average adult in the UK spends more time on the internet than doing anything else. From the moment we wake up, we use mobile devices to visit Facebook, Twitter and our favourite other websites to find out the latest news, weather, football scores and gossip.

We are truly living in an internet age and the gateway is always open now that the world and his wife have a smartphone that they can whisk out of their pocket to type in a domain name and visit the website in question. That is why it’s so important to have the right UK domain name for your business.

The bet365 Case Study
You’ve probably heard of bet365. They’re one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and the domain name has played a huge role in making the company one of the fastest-growing independent businesses in the United Kingdom.

Did you know that bet365 was bought for the modest sum of £10,000 when this company were starting out? Goodness knows what this domain name is worth now, although this was a carefully selected domain name which ticked all the boxes for the Stoke-on-Trent Company.

After all, it’s a nice short domain name which makes it easy to type. It spells out exactly what you can do at the website, namely you can place an online bet 365 days of the year (and also on a 24/7 basis).

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a UK Domain Name, you have to consider lots of different factors to make sure of long-term success.

How to choose the right Domain Name
Firstly, what is your UK Business all about? What products are you selling to consumers? What sort of domain name would best describe your business?

Naturally, you might have to think outside of the box when it comes to choosing the best possible domain name. If you’re running a car business, then you shouldn’t expect or to become available although there are alternatives which are worthy of investment.

You have to think about a domain name which is easy to type into a browser window whether that’s on a mobile device, laptop or personal computer. Nothing too long-winded as you’ll also want to push this domain name through advertising and also on promotional products. It has to be easy to say and easy to type.

Your Domain Name will effectively become your company name to most consumers. For example, is referenced more than WeBuyAnyCar as it’s a complete internet business.

Don’t compromise too much with your Domain Name selection. The addition of a hyphen might seem like a cost effective way of getting your company name as part of a website although the truth is that people could omit things like hyphens and leave customers going to the opposition websites instead.